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Iwo Jima

The Marine Corps War Memorial stands as a symbol of this grateful Nation's esteem for the honored dead of the U.S. Marine Corps. While the statue depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, the memorial is dedicated to all Marines who have given their lives in the defense of the United States since 1775.

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The Vietnam Memorial

There are 58,229 names listed on the Memorial. Approximately 1300 of these listed are still missing (MIA's, POW's, and others).

Although 1959 is marked as the beginning of the war on Panel 1, East wall, a Captain (Army) Harry C. Cramer was killed 21 October 1957 during a training action. He is listed on line 78, panel 1, East wall, which was added approximately a year after the Memorial was dedicated.

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Tomb Of The Unknowns

"Here Rests
In Honored Glory
An American Soldier
Known But To God"

The Tomb of the Unknowns, near the center of the cemetery, is one of Arlington's most popular tourist sites.

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The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart was established by General George Washington, at Newburgh, New York, on 7 August 1782, during the Revolutionary War. It was reestablished by the President of the United States per War Department General Orders 3, 1932 and is currently awarded pursuant to Executive Order 11016, 25 April 1962, Executive Order 12464, 23 February 1984 and Public Law 98-525, 19 October 1984.

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